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The association wanted to create a platform that would bring together a whole panoply of Web buy youtube accounts pva 2.0 tools- generally dispersed on the web- for the associative world. Associations often lack visibility, the PLASH portal offers them the opportunity to highlight their activities and missions. It is a virtual space where there is a link between the offer of the volunteers and the request of the associations. This new site has everything to attract young people. A space to blog and give an interactive dimension to the site. People can share their experiences, their feelings. They have the possibility to create a community of virtual friends, as on Facebook.

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In addition, they can also create photo galleries and consult a list of the various volunteer projects or projects proposed by NGOs in Belgium and abroad. A site that would allow to reach a new audience through the Internet. A public, moreover, motivated by the voluntary investment. Concretely, if a person is aware of the cause of the homeless in Belgium and wishes to join an ASBL: it can go to the site, but it may be badly referenced in Google. Now she can go to and choose the association that best suits her aspirations. Soliland offers them the opportunity to reach a wider audience and raise more money without having to hire someone to take care of it. To be a partner, an association must work in the following six areas: international solidarity, childhood, environment, health, social action, cultural or sporting action. 6.3 Associations 2.0 This is a blog for the associative world.

But the interface is also aimed at companies in search of a good conscience, a better image or simply sensitive to this action. They will find on this interface the possibility of click here financially or materially supporting one or the other project that corresponds to their desires. The first prototype was launched in January. The final version was inaugurated at the beginning of April 2009. 6.2 Soliland Soliland is a social enterprise, with a staggered position to create a dramatic situation. This company, created in 2006, aims to give value to our purchasing power by making this power to buy a power to help. Soliland is one of the pioneers of online donations.

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The company has created an Internet system allowing Soliland's partner merchants to donate part of the amount of a purchase made by an individual on their site to the association that the latter chooses. Today, Soliland acts as an intermediary between 500 partner stores (La fnac, La Redoute, Yves Rocher, Voyages Sncf) and 150 associations ranging from the best known (M├ędecins du Monde, Red Cross, Emmaus) to the most Small structures locally implanted. Soliland relies on simplicity. Once registered on, the individual pva gmail accounts no longer has to worry about anything. It is only when he makes his purchases online on a partner site that he will be warned that any purchase on this site will generate a donation to the association of his choice.

With each purchase on the site, Soliland receives a commission. The company pays half to the selected association and the other half is intended to cover the costs of the website. As of today, the purchases of several thousand members registered on Soliland have made it possible to raise more than 50, 000 euros. Online store partners consider these costs as a communication expense. This is part of a broader corporate communication strategy aimed at attracting and retaining new customers by giving them the opportunity to adopt a citizens' approach and to participate in the development of a a better world. An additional Web 2.0 tool that is available to associations free of charge. Since buy youtube accounts pva the creation of the site, more than 150 associations have already become partners.